Zephyr Shop Services LLC

Paint Booth Repair Specialist Servicing Florida & Southeast Georgia

We Have You Covered!

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Filter Service

We offer filter replacement for all spray booth makes & models. Exhaust, Intake/Ceiling, Pre-filters, & Mixing Room

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Diagnosis & Repair

With 10 Years of paint equipment repair experience, our professional knowledge and expertise allows us to efficiently diagnose and repair your Spray Booth

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Maintenance Plans

Sign up for Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly scheduled maintenance plans; plans include proper inspection of all key components, cleanings, burner inspection/service, light bulb replacement, & fan belt adjustments.

Additional Services Offered:

Over Spray Removal
Exhaust Fan Cleaning
Fan Belt Replacement
Fan Bearing Replacement
Air Flow Balancing
VFD Installation & Programming
Pressure Washing Interior Booth Walls
Pressure wash pits and grates
Booth Coating
Light Bulb & Ballast Replacement
LED Light Upgrades
Burner Repair & Service